about re:public

projects projects everywhere …

sometimes the word project is exactly what you can’t hear anymore, 


when I think of a project as a temporary endeavour with a defined starting point and a defined end point – run to meet unique goals and objectives, created to bring about beneficial change or added value – then I am fine again.

I know from experience that the social skills and behavior of the people working in projects are dangerously undervalued. To succeed I very much try to focus not only on tools, numbers, plans …. but on our necessary human skills and on our ability to learn within the project.

I offer classical services and support in national and international project management, focusing on planning, organisation, facilitation and controlling.

The management of projects requires distinct technical skills and management strategies. 

I offer support 

  • to develop a project tailored to your needs and objectives,

  • to set up a suitable project architecture,

  • to apply for funding in a specific project funding scenario,

  • to achieve the planned goals and objectives (scope, time, quality and budget)

  • to facilitate the project processes

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